Smart Goals | Your Truth

French cafe drawing with words about smart goals

When you know what you want, you’ll often find yourself wondering how to get it. But goals are different from what you want. Setting smart goals makes everything you do, from the time you set them onward, a part of a journey of achievement.

You’ve likely heard many, many, many times that you have to set smart goals. But do you know how to set them…actually, do you even know what your goal really is?

Discovering Your Goals

Perhaps the best way to set smart goals is to deconstruct what you want. Ask yourself questions and boil down what it is you want to the most basic, the most fundamental truth. It sounds easy, but this is a form of introspection. It can take time to gain your focus and ask yourself the right questions to identify, and admit, your goal. Essentially, this is a process of being honest with yourself.

Once you’re honest with yourself you’ll likely learn a lot about who you truly are. So how will you recognize the fundamental truth that becomes your goal? Trust me, you’ll know. When you discover what you truly want, it will make sense to you. It will resonate with you deeply, in a way which you may not be able to explain. Even if it’s a little awkward to accept and admit to yourself.

Keep in mind, discovering your truth might cause a bit of conflict, both with yourself and with others. This is because your truth might be different from what you always thought you wanted. It might be different from what other people have said you should want, or different from what other people wanted for you. All of this makes setting a smart goal a bit of a challenge, but nonetheless, still very doable…and advisable.

Achieving Smart Goals

Being honest with yourself about your goals and subsequently accepting and setting them will cause the path to unfold. This is because your perspective of the actions you take each day will change. Right now, floating without a goal makes the day tedious. Knowing that there is a purpose to your actions gives your daily life meaning.

Everything you do in pursuit of your smart goals, everything you encounter along the way, will be an improvement, an upgrade, which will enhance your goals.