Fantasy is Reality

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There’s a lot we can learn from synchronicities, which are meaningful coincidences. Generally, we experience a coincidence when our thought precedes our physical experience. Sometimes they are little things, like thinking about someone right before they call. Other times, coincidences become synchronicities when detailed, and deeply meaningful elements of the thought become reality. This is because of your role in the thought. You see, you didn’t just “have a thought” you had a fantasy.

Sculpting Your Reality

You can learn a lot about how we influence our realities by looking at synchronicities. (Just remember, the closer you look, the more questions you will find.) Synchronicities require us to go back to our thoughts. We must figure out what made the thought so special that it inspired the quantum nature of reality to create it and deliver it to us.

What you’ll find are some minor details that make a major difference. You see, it’s not actually the thought itself, it’s your role in the thought that creates reality. Allow me to explain how this is possible.

Your Mental Image

Often, Law of Attraction, Law of Assumption, and other teachers talk about “visualization.” They talk about conjuring emotions that resonate with the Universe to call reality to you. They’re not wrong, but the term “visualization” is what’s creating issues.

The term visualization is defined as, “the formation of a mental image of something.” And the root of the word, “visualize,” is defined as, “form a mental image of, imagine.” Therein lies the problem. The word, “imagine” means, “form a mental image or concept of.”

When it comes to creating your own reality you don’t want to “imagine” what you want, because that is only a representation of something. Don’t forget, you need the thought and emotion to come together in a way which resonates your expectations to the nature of reality to create an experience with that object. So how could you possibly form an emotional relationship with a mental image of an object? You do that by turning your visualization into a fantasy.

Fantasy Land

When you interact with your desired object or reality you are creating a fantasy. In the case of the word “fantasy,” both of the definitions are profound.

“indulge in daydreaming about something desired.” and “imagine (something that one wants to happen).”

It’s true that the words “fantasize” and “fantasy” are generally regarded as lands of impossibility and pure imagination. But when you participate in your imagination, that’s exactly what you’re doing. You’re making the impossible, possible. At least in your mind…and that’s what speaks to the nature of reality. In your fantasies you are emotionally invested in the fantasy you’re creating. So don’t visualize what you want…fantasize about it.

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