Cause and Effect Reality

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Humans really like cause and effect logic. It’s linear, and it’s logical. It’s how we make sense of the world around us. But the closer we look at coincidences and synchronicities, not to mention the placebo effect and the effect of researcher bias, the more we are forced to consider that our thoughts are the cause, and the physical reality is the effect.

This is precisely why it’s important to keep external events and opinions out of your mind. When you see yourself participating in those events, repeating those events, and justifying your position, you’re actually fantasizing. You are a participant in your thought. You are playing a role in your fantasy. Which is exactly how you create reality.

You Are the Cause and Effect

Research would say that you are the observer. Your expectations influence, as well as filter the reality you experience. Which means that you, the observer, are the cause…of everything. Which means, you’d be much more productive in your personal cause and effect relationship with reality if you thought about having, not just wanting, what you want.

Stop repeating scenarios that already happened. Reality doesn’t know that you’re not fantasizing. Which means you’ll get more of those scenarios. As an extra word of caution, be especially vigilant about what you’re fantasizing about when you’re relaxed. Remember, your brainwaves carry your thoughts. Alpha and theta brainwaves are most effective at fetching you your reality.

Bottom Line

In your thoughts, what do you see yourself participating in? Do you see yourself wanting, but not getting? Do you see yourself worrying? Or maybe you see yourself doing amazing things and reaping the rewards. Whatever you see yourself doing is what you’re going to get.

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