Certainly Uncertain

Cafe drawing with words about being certainly uncertain

When we seek to make a change in our lives, it’s certainly understandable that we’d like to see proof of the changes we desire in the world around us. We’re all used to that “cause and effect” reality. It’s awkward to think of reality as anything but physical. But there’s certainly more to you than what you see.

Your Thoughts

The landscape of your mind is another reality in which you exist at all times. You just haven’t called your attention to it and observed what’s going on in there. You can experience anything you want there. And it will feel just as real as what you see around you. Fact.

Lose yourself in the fantasies of your mind. You’ll certainly find what you’re looking for. You’ll even start to get the validation that your mind does, in fact, create physical reality when you find yourself saying, “what a coincidence.”

Certainly Worth It

True, it’s going to take some training. But it’s certainly worth it. After all, the physical action you’ve been taking hasn’t yielded quite what you’ve wanted. Truthfully, it’s exhausting.

You certainly have nothing to lose by working on yourself and exploring the possibilities of creative thought. So choose something you want and build a fantasy around it. Experience it in your mind.

This Part Is Certainly Important

Realize that even when you experience something in physical reality, you’re actually experiencing it in your mind. You’re just observing it, and interacting with it differently.

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