Thoughts & Your Imagination

Thoughts form your perspective

Your thoughts influence your perception of your life. Which means that the way you think about things, and the things you think about shape your reality. But we’re going to go deeper than that.

Change Your Mind

If you want something different, you have to change how you think and what you think about. See things from new perspectives. Challenge yourself to educate and explore new ideas, opposing ideas, maybe even take a leap and dive into your passion. There are infinite ways to think new thoughts.

In one sense, you need to learn to perceive reality in a different way. Adjusting your perspective will be immensely helpful to improving your life on its own. Not to mention, it’s a great confidence builder. You just have to be willing to start practicing having new thoughts…and never stop.

Specific Thoughts | Specific Reality

In another sense, you’d like to be a little more specific with what you experience in life. You’d like to be more intentional, and create scenarios in the physical reality, on purpose. Basically, you want to create a coincidence or synchronicity.

If this is you, you must come to realize that it’s going to take practice. Here are three things that may help:

  • Practice having the thoughts you want
  • Pay attention to your thoughts at all times (This is tough at first because you’ll be trying to focus. Relax and just take notice of your thoughts. You actually do this all the time.)
  • Choose between reactive thoughts and the thoughts you’d prefer

It’s not easy, but it is worth it. Because when you want your thoughts to create with specificity, you must be able to stop reacting to the world around you and accept that you can imagine something completely different for yourself.


Wanting is the number one way to slow down any progress you make when working on intentional thoughts. You must teach yourself to accept that you are having an experience, in its entirety, in your mind. That must suffice. So get lost in your personal reality. It’s actually always perfect there, because you’re the one making it up to suit you. Don’t forget to improve it as you go.

You must come to accept that having these imagined thoughts is an experience of what you want. And you must come to accept that maybe you’ll only ever experience it there. That’s ok. Your body doesn’t know the difference between imagined and “real” experiences.

Another bonus is, reality is weird. Thoughts likely interact with the quantum nature of reality. This would mean that the clearer your imagination, the more you get lost in your fantasy, the more surprising coincidences and synchronicities which you’ll experience.

Thinking Thoughts

Truth is, most of the time, you’re just reimagining things that happen anyway. Think about it. You spend very little time in your physical circumstances. But you spend 100% of your time having thoughts. Might as well learn to choose which ones you prefer and experience your imagination to its fullest.

A happy side effect of choosing your thoughts is that you’ll find yourself evolving and making different choices. This is because the things you experience in your imagination have an impact on who you are and how you perceive your physical reality. That’s what changes everything.

Guided Imagination Meditations

A new page is live in the menu, and I’m so excited to announce it! The “Meditations | Guided Imagination” page is where you’ll find short, two minute, guided imagination meditations. These are perfect to get you started with having the thoughts you want to have. They are also a perfect break from the stressors of your day.

Here’s the link for the most popular one yet!