Oasis Of the Sea Of Thought

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Sometimes the world just doesn’t provide the experience you hoped it would. You have ideas about how you wish life was, but the story playing out around you is something different entirely. When this happens, you have an ace in the hole, so to speak. You have an oasis of thought possibility just waiting for you in your mind.

Call It What You Will

Some people would call the action of changing your thoughts a type of prayer. Whether you see yourself talking to a higher power, or just see yourself having a different experience, either way, you’re right. It’s all about sculpting your personal oasis and putting yourself in a different experience…in your mind.

An Oasis Is Not a Mirage

Some people may feel as though experiencing something in their mind just doesn’t have the same feel as it would experiencing it with your physical senses. Definitely not uncommon. Most of us are firmly identified with our physical reality. Just know that there is another reality…in your mind.

The truth is, your body doesn’t know the difference. This is why meditation has such a great impact on stress levels, which leads to reducing the dreaded “inflammation.”

So even though you aren’t physically standing in your oasis, you can have an entire experience in the oasis of your thoughts. The bonus is, when you begin to intentionally choose your thoughts and allow yourself to experience them, you learn about yourself. You build your self-awareness, and your self confidence.

Cultivating your self confidence means that naturally, you will begin to take different actions in your physical reality. You will engage with your physical environment differently. Essentially, visiting your personal oasis of thought adjusts how you navigate your life. Which inevitably puts you in new, physical experiences.

Important Detail

The only detail is, when you start to see your oasis manifest in physical reality, you should probably give yourself permission to embrace it. Find ways to understand that you have to let old elements of your life go in order to embrace your vision.

So be sure to acknowledge feelings of guilt and regret, so you can give them your consideration and then let them go. Because guilt and regret are prime reasons why so many don’t embrace what they manifest from their oasis.

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