Versions Of You Meditation

In this meditation, we approach our understanding of ourselves a bit differently. We are going to use the foundation of Psychosynthesis to recognize the needs, wants, and desires of the various personalities which are within each of us.

Within each of us are countless variations of what we perceive as our single, external “personality.” These various personalities are created by the experiences which develop our understanding of life. They each have their own expectations, reactions, needs, and desires. And they all come together to form the “I” you project into the physical reality.

Every scenario we encounter receives a different version of ourselves, whether we realize it or not. Realizing the diversity of your personalities will give you the opportunity to discover how to meet your own needs in such a way that these versions of you can “synthesize” into a more self aware individual who is directing their life, rather than reacting to it.

So take about 5 minutes to go deep within yourself and see the versions of you from the observer within. After all, the observer within you is who is actually having the experience of life.

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