Versions of You

Drawing of coffee cup with words about letting go of versions of you

The more willing you are to observe the processes of your mind, the clearer it will become that there are versions of you. Each version could be called a “personality.” And each personality has its own specific wants and needs.

Conflicting Versions of You

Sometimes the needs of our various versions can conflict with one another. So, rather than complementing our life, they can complicate it. In an effort to address this, we must set out to find the part of ourselves which is beyond our personalities. We must endeavor to find the Self.

The True Self

The Self is the essence of you which is having this experience of life. It observes life through the lenses of your various “versions.” It holds no judgement, but it does wield a mighty power.

The Self has the power to recognize what it would like to experience, and it has the power to refine and correct elements of your personalities so that you may consciously create your life’s experience.

Versions in Harmony

The Self has the ability to direct, guide, and refine the versions of you so they may come together in a way which complement one another, enhancing the entirety of your life’s experience. But there are two details you should know:

  1. You have to commit to the practice of moving beyond your personalities in order to find the place where you can observe them
  2. You have to accept that if you want change, you may need to let go of the versions of you with whom you most identify and understand

Sometimes the only way forward is to simply see your role in the situations you are facing, and decide whether that’s who you want to be…or not.


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