Food For Thought

food for thought cat with coffee

Ever wonder why it’s so hard to reach a point where you have the things you’re working so hard to acquire? Consider, for just a moment, that maybe you don’t really want those things. I know that could be hard to believe. But maybe those are not things you truly want. Maybe they are things that other people have told you you should want. Just a little food for thought.

Why You’re Always Hungry

It’s only natural that we would fill our lives with material trappings that validate our achievements. But when we consider that the things which surround us may not be symbols of the things we truly want, there’s no surprise that we are often unfulfilled. Which puts us on the endless quest to acquire new things.

Dessert After Food For Thought

As you chew on this food for thought, realize that the quest to know the Self and what you truly want, lies deep beneath the layers of your personalities. Paying attention to what fulfills you and brings you joy gives you the ability to guide and direct your life in a manner which provides the experience you honestly desire.

The more you listen to what makes you feel inspired, the more you allow yourself to acknowledge what it is that you want…and not ignore it for the sake of your social influences. It is possible, and advisable, to direct your life based on your own understanding of yourself, and not the advice and guidance of others.