Self Awareness Daydream

The thought which resounds today as I dive ever deeper into the exploration of consciousness is that you must train your mind. You must train it to focus, and you must train it to choose your preferred thoughts.

It’s a constant practice of recognizing your thoughts and then adjusting yourself to think the thoughts you prefer, even when faced, in the physical reality, with topics and events you don’t.

Life, On Purpose

To do this, you need to realize that, at its core, this is the practice of self awareness and it must be an ever-present part of your life. You are working toward being intentional with your life’s experience. So you must seek to observe the thoughts and characteristics of your personality through the eyes of your deepest Self, the “Self” who is having this whole experience.

Remember, the general personality that you identify as “I,” is a combination of many personalities. All with their own unique wants and desires. They are all trying to fill their own needs…which aren’t always complementary. Knowing the pieces that make you “you,” and separating yourself from them so you can observe and direct them, gives you infinite control over your life.


As you begin to identify characteristics of your personality, ask yourself which aspects of you could use polishing, and what aspects of you do you like…then challenge yourself to identify ways of improving them all.

Develop and come to intimately know the characteristics of the person you wish to become, and begin to see yourself apply those characteristics to the circumstances you currently face. The more you practice those manners in your mind, the more you will become who you hoped you would be.

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