Rejection is a B*tch

Meme about acceptance and rejection

I know this meme sounds crazy. Why would anyone want to be rejected? But this post is worth your consideration, especially if you’re not living the life you hoped you would be by now. Because deep down, it’s not about what you think you deserve, you may simply have learned to expect rejection.

Expecting Rejection

Let’s take all the “woo” out of the psychology of this page and spend a minute on the tangible aspects of life. We know that we get what we expect to get. Our expectations drive our opinions, they drive our emotions, and they drive our actions. So, that’s the bottom line. Your deep seated expectations are what are delivering you what you’re getting. Not what you want or hope for…because subconsciously, you may very well expect not to get what you want.

Rejection…You Got It!

You might not like rejection, who does? But when you’ve had to work hard, or even fight for everything you have ever gotten in some area of your life…and maybe never gotten what it is you were fighting for, congratulations! You know exactly how to navigate rejection. You know how to navigate it better than how to handle actually getting what you want.

That familiarity causes you to stay in the cycle. You make the same decisions and get the same, unsavory results. It sucks…but at least you know what to expect. (Us humans really do like predictability.)

Deep Seated Sh*t

For many of us, rejection is familiar, even in all of its discomfort. So, if you don’t like what you’re getting, you have to objectively look at, and analyze, what it is you TRULY know you can expect. Take a look at rejection and see if/how you’re really accustomed to receiving it…and living with it.

When you realize you’re more accustomed to rejection than acceptance, you can understand the roles of the people and circumstances in your life. And from there, you can begin to break the cycle…but only if you really want to. Because it’s going to take all of your objective attention to correct what’s seated so deeply inside you.

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