Illusion of Life

Optical illusion with words about changing how you see things

The optical illusion is interesting. You choose what you want to see. You can bring today’s image into focus and ask your brain to show you squares, or you can ask it to show you circles. Either way, you’ll find them. The more you practice choosing what to see, the easier it becomes to switch between illusions. Same goes for life.

Window To Your Mind

This little exercise is a window into the state of mind you need to visit in order to develop self awareness, practice using your imagination, and guide yourself to observe and tailor your thoughts. It is also precisely the process you need to understand if you want to create a more specific vision for your life and work toward it.

Observer And The Illusion

You should know that you’re always the observer. Always. There are processes going on inside you that you don’t even realize. And they silently communicate with your environment in countless ways. But your gift of consciousness gives you the opportunity to choose what you extract from any given scenario. Just like you did when viewing the optical illusion. It’s about what you introduce to your mind to see.

Even in the worst situation, there is a way to see the possibility which is woven into it. And there will be times that you have to let the dust settle a bit. But, in the end, you just have to choose which you want to see.

Choosing Your Illusion

When you choose, you will see what you chose to see. And the more you choose to see it, the more specifically you will experience it, mentally and physically. This perspective will guide you to see new possibilities which are in line with your life’s chosen illusion. Physically speaking, this will change your actions, which will change the material reality you perceive.

Just remember, there are things in this world you cannot see…but they do exist. Your heart absolutely emits energy. That energy is drawn from your thoughts and emotions. It speaks. Others feel it. And it receives. What you experience from this is based on how you choose to see the world around you. If you want something different, you must speak to your reality through the language of your choices.