Meme with words about validation

Often we find ourselves wanting things we don’t have. And even more often that means we don’t really have any idea how to achieve getting, and having, them. But if you take a look around, you’ll find that you do have things you only once dreamed you had. Sure, you might have to “zoom out” a bit from your current circumstance to see it. But the validation you need to pursue what you want next is there, if you look for it.

Negative Validation

We can all challenge ourselves to find an object or a scenario in our lives that we only once dreamed we wanted. Even if it’s something we lost, or something we no longer want. That’s all OK. You’re supposed to change, to want different things. You’re supposed to evolve. The key is that you had/have something you once wanted. That’s the validation you need to move forward toward something new.

The Point

The truth is, you never get what you want and then stop. Life is a cycle; it’s supposed to change. And it’s going to, whether you want it to or not. But your life changes don’t have to be left to chance based on the outcomes of your previous decisions and desires. You can change course; you can change what you want. You just need to realize that you can. This is why you need validation.

It’s good to “zoom out” on our lives and see how far we’ve come and how much we’ve changed. When we can acknowledge that we have, in fact, gotten things we once wanted, we gain the validation to build the confidence we need to forge ahead. This is how we begin to give ourselves permission to move forward to achieve something new, and perhaps more inspiring.

True, things can get blurry we think about the responsibilities, and all that comes with having what we once wanted. But the bottom line is, we got what we wanted. Actually, we have so much more that we’ve built around that initial “want.” So keep zooming out until you get the best perspective to see that you truly can have what you want. And do that again and again with new wants and desires.