Think Better

Let’s take a moment to think about what it is we see around us. It’s totally possible that you’re living in a painting of your thoughts. (No one can prove that you don’t…so let’s just go with this for now.) So think about that. What if your mind is the artist and what you see is the projection of your thoughts? It would explain a lot about coincidences and synchronicities.

You’re the Artist

Look around. Take notice of what’s going on around you. Your thoughts set this in motion. You can guide the experience with how you think about it…or leave it to chance by not engaging further with thoughts about it.

How you think about your surroundings is where you can begin to alter the pictures you make in your mind. Be the artist in your imagination. Think deeply, think differently. Challenge yourself. Do this often.

Don’t Wait For Magic

The more you do this, take a look around you and purposefully seek out objects you thought about. Find them. Prove to yourself they’re there…that they exist.

Don’t wait for the “magic” to happen. Take an active role. Because it won’t take long for the things you’re searching for to become more apparent in the material reality.