Coffee cups meme with words about regret

Regret is simply your ego listening your higher self and realizing it (the ego) was wrong. For those of us working to nurture our emotional intelligence (EQ), with the proper perspective, regret can work in our favor.

Regret Has Purpose

As you would expect, regret means that you’ve reached a point where reflection on your own action, inaction, etc. shows you how you could’ve been better. And, believe it or not, that’s the best part of regret. Realizing that you have taken the time to think deeply about your role in a situation.

You see, the experience of regret is a way to realize that you do listen to your inner voice. It helps you realize where to find that voice in your mind, and go deeper in your self exploration, meditation, and cultivation of your emotional intelligence.

Don’t Forget

So even though you think you’d be better off right now had you known then what you know now, your original actions had a purpose.

Things had to go as they did…so you could find yourself right here, right now. The timing is perfect. You’re exactly where you’re supposed to be. Take what you know and apply it to your thoughts and actions.