Topical Solutions

Every time you look up an answer to the reason why…why someone is treating you the way they do, why something is happening to you, why, why, why…are all just someone else’s explanation for things in your life. These are just topical solutions to a much deeper root problem.

It’s Always All About You

Why you feel the way you do about what’s happening will tell you more about “why” it’s really happening. It’s happening because you are meant to turn inward.

Here’s a really easy way to start figuring some sh*t out about yourself.

Step 1: The Ego

Realize that you have a personality (your ego) that is experiencing life. Your ego is sending information to the part of you that determines your values and purpose (existential self).

Step 2: Your Existential Self

Realize that if your ego’s experience matches your personal values and purpose…your life resonates with you. And you’re probably feeling pretty good. If it doesn’t, well, an existential crisis could be brewing.

Step 3: Resolving Resonance

If your life is not resonating with what you value and what gives your life purpose, you simply need to look a little closer. Ask yourself what is out of balance between your life and what you value. Once you understand the imbalance, you will have identified the root cause of the situation you’re experiencing. Which means you can begin to practice new things which will put your personality more in-line with what you truly value.

The Remedy

It might seem difficult, but that’s only because you are still looking at things topically. You’re still looking for external answers to internal imbalances.

Find the imbalance between what you have (externally) and what you value (internally). Seek to remedy it by identifying and practicing the characteristics of the person you wish to be.