About Coffee Karma

Coffee Karma began for so many reasons. But in the beginning, it was a place to share thoughts that were intriguing. Thoughts that made us think. Thoughts that were metaphorically inspired by the images that appeared in our latte foam. Think Rorschach Inkblots.

What it ended up being was a journey through consciousness, spirituality, mind-body science, philosophy, and so much more.

What was learned as Coffee Karma became what it is…and what it is becoming…is that our thoughts can, and most certainly do, change our lives. But unlike many who talk about the Law of Attraction and other “Laws of the Universe,” we have come to realize that while yes, those laws are in fact true, they’re just not that simple to embody. It’s a process. And you have to be dedicated to it.

The most important thing to know as you set off on the journey to improve your life is that it takes time. Because what you are changing is yourself. You are changing your own mind. And what you are gaining is self discipline.

It’s Not a Linear Journey

Embarking on this journey is not a “do this and that will happen” type of experience. Even though you likely want it to be. You must understand that it’s more of a “do this and discover that” type of journey, with each discovery leading to something else. And it never ends. Ever. But the good news is, your life will improve if (and as) you embrace the process.

The mind, like the body, likes what it already knows. This makes things easy and effortless and makes us believe that we can multitask. But this is only because we’ve mentally practiced things enough that they’ve seated themselves deep in our subconscious. Which is why it’s easy to want to fall back into familiar patterns.

In order to take control of your life, you must take control of your mind.

It’s a Cliché

The cliché is “think positive thoughts.” And while that is true, know that it will be a struggle. Know that it will defeat you. But you just must persist. No matter how many times you fail, start over. Because slowly, on an unknown date, and at an unknown time, your positive thoughts will outweigh the negative ones. And then on another date you won’t quite recall, your negative thoughts will just kind of disappear.

It’s Worth It

The list of what you will discover about your life…and yourself is long. But it will include:

  • Patience
  • Understanding
  • Confidence
  • Enhanced Intuition
  • Productive Self Reflection
  • Faith

Note that you will discover all of these in yourself, not in any other being.

Your Own Experience

As you peruse our Coffee Philosophy (which is developed during our morning coffee ritual), as well as the resources which we are working to provide, keep in mind that each of these are meant to lead you on your own path.

Everything on and off this site is here to give you guidance. It will have its place in your very own experience. No two experiences are the same, so don’t try and recreate the experience of someone else to achieve something similar. Surrender to being an individual and let the journey carry you out of the past and into the present. Because a better present is exactly how you create the future you have imagined.

A Bit of Advice

Know that whatever it is you want to accomplish starts with your mind. But you must take your time. Don’t rush your results.

As you begin to observe your thoughts and work through them so you may gain a better understanding for your life, make tiny changes you can build upon. Sweeping changes rarely have longevity.

For example, if you want to lose weight, don’t race to join the gym and then buy a bunch of fruits and veggies to stuff into your fridge. Instead, eat one thing that’s healthy and then the next day eat two. Look up the health benefits of the healthy items you’ve given yourself so you may see the good you’ve done. Then, find a subtle movement which feels good to you and do that for a moment or two. Repeat movements which feel good to you each day. Nurture tiny things which feel good so your mind begins to get on board and enjoy your body’s movement.

This approach positively, yet gently, reinforces the mental side of your goal. You will realize that you feel good…and that’s how change becomes permanent.

Whatever you do, just keep practicing. It’s worth it. We all want results to happen yesterday. But that’s just not how it works.