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    Fork in the Road Decision

    You’re being given an option. The proverbial, “which path do I take at the fork in the road?” decision. This decision is solely up to you and should not be based on the opinions or influences of others. But this decision is less about what you decide. It’s about how you decide. How to Decide…

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    The Love You Need

    There are people who show you love all the time. But you tend to focus on correcting for the people and situations who don’t show you love. You need to be aware of this. Because you need to embrace the love from the people who care enough to show you love. Do not deny yourself…

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    The Passionate Devil Inside

    Some may say that there’s a “devil inside” that drives people to make decisions which are out of character. Decisions which may go against interpersonal relationships and social norms. But indulging a guilty pleasure, despite the mischief it creates, isn’t a devil inside at all. The desire for a guilty pleasure is just an unrefined…