Ritual Coffee

As with everything in life, Coffee Karma Daily has been an evolution. I thought it started out just for fun. But I have come to realize that my morning coffee time is time spent thinking thoughts I wouldn’t normally think about during the day.

This is how I learned that we’re not only on a journey to reach our goals. The journey to our goals is also the journey of self awareness.

Needless to say it took a little time, but eventually I realized that these morning thoughts are the thoughts I need to think if I am to continue on my journey to consciously create a life I want to live.

Just Thinking Changes Thoughts

While teachers such as Neville Goddard truly do resonate with me, I struggled “letting go” enough or “have enough faith” to truly embrace their teachings.

So while some people will say, “Just stop thinking those thoughts,” it’s just not that easy for everyone. Namely me.

I have slowly come to realize that in order to stop thinking certain thoughts, we first need to spend more than a moment thinking a thought. We must take apart our thoughts and give them time and consideration. Once we start to practice this, we begin to change the way we think about our thoughts. You see, our way of thinking isn’t simply something we can “let go.” Changing our thoughts takes time. And this seems to be the detail many teachers leave out.

Often times, many of us find ourselves turning to these “change your thoughts, change your life” principles in our darkest hours. But there is no quick fix. And there shouldn’t be. Because these types of changes are life changing. And “life change” takes time.

My Coffee Ritual

I didn’t even realize that day by day, over my morning coffee ritual, I began thinking thoughts that I wouldn’t normally spend much time thinking. And looking back over the last few months, weeks, and even the last few days, I can see how ever so slowly a new me begin to emerge…and the old me began to dissolve. And with each day this continues.

So each morning I think about things I wouldn’t normally think about. And then I strive to put my thoughts into words so I may give others something to think about. All so they may gain a deeper understanding of how they think. Which will help guide them as they continue on their unique journey to living the life they desire.

You may notice that my coffee ritual incorporates tarot. This is not to say that the tarot is somehow foretelling your future. Tarot, to me, is an excellent tool to stimulate thoughts about all of the elements of life, including your “spirit.” The “you,” deep down.

Essentially, I use tarot as a cue. A tool to provoke my thoughts.

A Little About Me

The words which I pen and share on this blog and on social media are often me talking to myself in a way that helps me understand. I share them because it is my goal to pen them in such a way which will help others think a little deeper about things. If people would give more than a fraction of a second to the thoughts I write, over time they would realize that thinking actually changes their thoughts.

Too often people want instant change. But change simply isn’t instant. It’s an evolution. And I’ve come to embrace that. So keep thinking with the intention to understand. Go deeper into your own thoughts. Because this will help you realize new things about yourself. Which will help you continue to evolve. It will help you undo the old you. It’s going to take a little time, but the more self aware you become, the more you will create a version of “you” which will be best suited to live your goal life.

Just remember, that no matter how this world works and however you found your way to this page, I truly believe you have found your way here because you were meant to read this. So wherever you go next, trust that it is exactly where you are meant to be.