Ritual Coffee

As with everything in life, Coffee Karma Daily has been an evolution. It started out just for fun, but as my journey unfolded the ritual of coffee became a place where my morning coffee became the advice for the day ahead.

Meditative Coffee Flow

I once thought that this whole “Coffee Reading” thing happened accidentally. A random morning when I saw the metamorphosis of a caterpillar to butterfly in my latte foam. I posted it on social media with a witty, yet insightful “reading” of the story I saw before me. Which is how this whole thing began.

My coffee making and “free flow pour” process became second nature to me years ago. I do it, start to finish, without having to think about it. I’m usually thinking about this or that as I go, but since I’m a firm believer that we influence the world around us through our thoughts and words, I started being more careful with my thoughts while I was in this meditative “coffee flow”. Then I realized that I had easy access to my higher self during this time. So I wanted to see what I had to say. Which is why I introduced Tarot. This opens the door of my mind and signaled the start of my coffee ritual.

My Coffee Ritual

While my coffee ritual incorporates tarot, and sometimes sage or palo santo, it is all part of something bigger. Something bigger which turns my morning coffee into a conversation between me and my higher self (which is the same as your higher self…we’re all part of the same source).

I surrender to the messages which come through, which basically means that I trust that what I write is meant to be said, and share them with you on my blog and on social media. All with the hope that they hold something which can guide you through whatever it is you are facing right now.

A Little About Me

It’s true that my degree in, and passion for, Psychology amounts to a lot of educated opinions. An even greater influence in my life is my belief in meditation, intuition, the “higher self,” and the subconscious. These all tie together with the word “psychospiritual”. All have proven their validity to me along my personal journey of self exploration and improvement.

It took awhile, but I have come to nurture and trust my intuition, something which has gotten lost in the disconnect of today’s world. And like many of you, I have had a slew of weird experiences (which I can’t explain) happen in my life which have led me, over the past decade, to explore a vast array of alternative thoughts and theories about consciousness and how the Universe works.

However this world works and however you found your way to this page, I truly believe you have found your way here because you were meant to read this. So wherever you go next, trust that it is exactly where you are meant to be.