Meditations | Guided Imagination

How To

While you can attempt to dive into meditation with the intention to “clear your mind” and reduce stress, the truth is, most people find it difficult. There are countless reasons why, but none of them really matter. What matters is how to overcome those blocks.

We often think we know ourselves, but the truth is, many of us have never really explored what it means to say, “I.” Within your mind are many versions of you which make up the “I” you perceive. The goal is to become an observer of those versions, get to know them, and improve them. Improve the versions of you and you’ll see a wholly improved “I” that you project into the world ~ mentally and physically.

The first step when using meditation to do this is to set the intention that you are on a path of developing your self awareness. Not that you’re trying to reduce stress or any other reason you’ve turned to meditation. Realize that you must first commit to peeling back the layers of you to gain self awareness, before you’ll reach the “clear” mind. This will relieve some of the pressure associated with meditation and achieving the desired state. And each time you turn inward, you will go deeper.

The intention for your meditation practice should include you coming to know yourself, cultivate self awareness, and grow emotional intelligence. These are the components that provide the physical results you desire from meditation. Once you embrace that you need to know your mental self in order to fix your physical self, the world of meditation and its benefits will be infinite.

Here you’ll find links to our short YouTube guided meditations. These videos are intended to help you get reacquainted with your imagination so you can begin creating the reality you wish to experience.