Your First Person Point of View

While science is still trying to figure out consciousness and reality, there are some theories that say that there’s a chance that our thoughts have a quantum component to them. This quantum component may interact with the quantum nature of reality and then “collapse the quantum wave function.” Simply put, this might be how you…

Dare You

You already know, and accept that your mental state affects your body — again, think of the “stress headache.” So we know that our thoughts affect our physical wellbeing, and they also affect how we interact with the world around us. So, it’s really not hard to see that what you think about, you get….

Your Life’s Ridiculous Chaos

When you’re told a change is coming, you need to realize that it’s already here. You don’t need to be “on the look out” for it. You’ll find this mysterious “change” amongst all of the ridiculousness which is playing out in your life. Because these moments of chaos are “the change” you’ve been warned about….

So You Say You Want Balance

You want to find balance because just the idea of balance is harmonious. And in harmony there is peace. A place where things just flow. But all of this seems to imply that balance is hidden somewhere. When the truth is, the only place it could possibly be hidden is beneath your ego. The balance,…