Fork in the Road Decision

You’re being given an option. The proverbial, “which path do I take at the fork in the road?” decision. This decision is solely up to you and should not be based on the opinions or influences of others. But this decision is less about what you decide. It’s about how you decide. How to Decide…

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Out With The Old…You

What’s done is done. And now you are free to do things differently, or the same as you normally would. But you know that you cannot do things the same if you want to live a changed life. So that answers that. The Old You I’m not saying that this is going to be easy….

Your Pursuit of Excellence

Raising the bar of your own excellence is wonderful. But improvements in the pursuit of excellence are not to say that this new version of you is superior to anyone, including old versions of yourself. There Are No Winners Or Losers This new and improved you is not the winner and another (including an old…