Chasing Your Dreams

It’s such a tiny detail that it often goes unnoticed. But the more you engage in the “pursuit of happiness,” the more you “chase your dreams,” the more “chase” you create. You become so focussed on the effort, you won’t notice that you are actually already in the process of achieving. A simple exercise will…

Your Life’s Ironic Twist

It’s true that when you honestly, and without the driving force of your expectations, pursue the things which you imagine you will find the greatest sense of accomplishment, pleasure, and satisfaction from within. The irony is, this approach holds the “let go” necessary to bring you all of the material pleasures you’ve desired all along….

Today’s What (Not) To Do

Basically what your higher self is saying is, manage your mind. Do not try and actively solve anything. Find things to do which bring you some joy and fulfillment. This makes room for higher levels of consciousness to present you with direction in the form of inspiration. Remember, along with how to survive, your ego…

The Strategy for That Thing You’re Thinking About Doing

It’s important to realize that “you” are not the “you” you think you are. There are so many layers, so many versions, to you. Accept that your persona, the “you” you show the world is simply not all there is to you. Your persona holds the knowledge for how to survive in the world. Which…

Quirky You

After reading today’s beach tarot, head over to Coffee Karma’s TikTok for some amazing beach perspective. It’s breathtaking and you need some ocean to clear you mind!

Why Things Aren’t Going Right

We need to call your attention to the way you think. Because you have a tendency to focus on risk and consequence. And this has you aiming at the wrong target. But What About the Risks? I know you think that by giving your attention to the risks and consequences that you are mitigating them….