Where To Find Your Inspiration

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You already know what you need to know, so there’s no need to focus on your skills right now. It is time to focus, though. Focus on your desires of right now. Not what you think you should want. But what you truly want. You know, that “thing” that makes you feel amazing, whether you admit it to others or not. Focus on the thoughts which feel so good you effortlessly block everything else out.

Find the type of imagination so immersive, that nothing else exists. Get lost for a moment or two. Let it encompass you. Let it feel as though you’re living it…it’s so close you can almost taste it. This experience is so profound, you will have ideas come to you. Good ideas, which seemingly present themselves like magic.

The Truth Is

Whether you know it or not, you are the artist of your life. I know, it sounds rather whimsical to say it this way. But consider that all thoughts are all like daydreams. You are experiencing your thoughts every day. You keep having the same thoughts, which is why nothing ever changes. This is precisely why it is important that you are intentional with them. Focus them as you desire and let the rest fall away.

Otherwise, and you already know this, they will provide their focus for you. And they will always prove you right. A spin on the old Henry Ford saying is, “Whatever you think, you’re right.”