The Value of a Crap Situation

It’s not easy, especially when faced with a crap decision or situation, but realizing the value of things does, in fact, give pleasure.

It’s pleasure derived from a deeper understanding. It is this type of pleasure which often leads to a slice of enlightenment along your life’s journey. And achieving even a sliver of enlightenment really helps.

Mandatory Weather Analogy

Begin to see that endings are like winter. You simply resolve yourself to accept that the earth before you is quiet and bare. You don’t know exactly when it will end, but you know that one day it will. And then, in what seems like the blink of an eye, the first buds of spring turn into tender new growth and life seems alive again.

It may have seemed like life was gone, we even observed it wither away. But despite the ending we observed in autumn, it had been there all along. It just became life we could not physically perceive. Yet somewhere deep down, we had faith in its existence.

Your life has seasons. If you wait just a little longer, you will find a new beginning. In the meantime, seek to find the value in your current season.