The Fate You Create

I might owe you an apology for influencing today’s horoscope with my most recent thoughts about Amor Fati. But since it was probably your subconscious (which is connected to all subconscious through a higher consciousness) that was making me think about Amor Fati (the stoic philosophy to “love your fate”), you probably know that you really need to hear what our coffee ritual has to say.

A Splash of Denial

You may be finding it difficult to accept the change that is happening in your life. Actually, you may be fighting that change by denying that it’s even there by working extra hard to keep things as they are/were.

We ignore…well, we actually deny that change exists by repeating the familiar patterns and habits within our daily lives. And not without good reason. This keeps the illusion of safety in place. But things are changing. Small, almost unnoticeable changes create other, bigger changes. Until they become changes that are so big we just can’t ignore them anymore. And then, depending on our opinion of the changes, we either celebrate them or stress about them.

But this approach is how we miss out on the bigger picture. And the bigger picture is that embracing changes in the moment is how you have a total life experience. Thus, by denying change, you deny yourself the most complete experience of life.

So Amor Fati

In all cases, the best thing to do is love your fate. Amor Fati. Because here’s the deal. You have a goal in mind, and simply by setting the goal you set the course for “getting there”. All things that are happening must happen if you are to reach your goal. Become who you want (which is also who you are meant) to become. What’s slowing things down is your tendency to resist change along the way.

Once you step back from the situation you can better understand that you are having the experience of this amazing thing called “life”. The whole point is to experience it all. You will see that how you interpret your experiences makes you the maker of the next experience, and so on.

Whether you realize it or not, you are the maker of your own fate. By setting goals you know that you are creating the changes you will experience on purpose. Which relieves the uncertainty of leaving things to “chance”. Recognizing that each situation is an experience along the path to your goal makes it easier to embrace and encourage change. And this is how you can learn to love your fate.

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